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About Course

The Structural Design Course has been designed to help any Civil Engineering Graduate at any level. It comprises of both Steel Structural Design & RCC Structural Design training modules. Structural Design Course in Bangalore equips the students with both basic fundamentals and the advanced levels of subject with expertise in practicality as well, through the projects done here at ACTMEP. Every student is involved in doing their own projects with the assistance provided here.

Who can Join?

(B. Tech / B.E, Diploma- Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Experienced Candidates who want to get into Modelling field can opt for it.

Key Features

  • Basics Of Structures.
  • Discussion On Indian Standard Code Books IS 875Part (1-4).
    • Calculation Of Dead Load , Wall Load On Structures.
    • Discussion On How To Assume Live Loads , Floor Loads, Earthquake Loads , Wind Loads Using Code Books
  • Understanding Indian Standard Code Books 1983 2002, IS 456-2000
    • Understanding Load Combination.
  • Manual Design Of Structural Elements
    • Manual Design Of
    • Manual Design Of Slabs
    • Manual Design Of Column And Foundation.
    • Manual Design Of Portal Frames
  • Introduction to ETABS .- Understanding Basics of ETABS
  • Preparing grid system (uniform and custom)
  • Defining Materials( Concrete , Reinforcements etc) and other materials.
  • Defining Sections (dimension of Beam , Column , Slabs) used in Structures .
  • Modeling of RCC  and Steel Structures.
  • Assigning the structural elements-
    • Assigning Primary Beams and Secondary Beams , Assigning curved Beams ,
    • Assigning Column,
    • Assigning Slabs. Curved Slabs.
  • Assigning Loads.
    • Assigning Distributed Loads, Point Loads , Varying loads and Trapezoidal loads on the structures elements.
  • Designing analysis of RC and Steel Structures.
    • Design of columns
    • Design of Beams.
    • Design of Slabs
  • Interpreting the result by Shear Force and Bending Moment and other Membrane Forces.
  • Understanding TEXT AND GRAPHICAL OUTPUT in Etabs.
  • Steel connection Design.
  • Advanced Methods of Analysis
    • Static Analysis
    • Dynamic analysis using Response Spectra Method, Time History Analysis.
    • Wind Analysis on Structures.
    • Shear wall modeling and Analysis
  • Creating Report From Etabs by using Model Explorer.

Creating Drawing in AutoCAD

  • Preparing Centre line layout.
  • Preparing columns positioning layout.
  • Preparing beam framing layout.
  • Preparing slab framing layout.
  • Detailing of Rcc elements using AutoCAD.
  • Detailing of beams.
  • Detailing of columns.
  • Detailing of slabs
  • Importing AutoCad In ETABS And Modeling.
  • Discussion on Use of Excel sheet In structural Engineering
    • Design of Foundation using EXCEL Sheets.
    • Design of Slabs using EXCEL Sheets.
    • Design of Staircase using EXCEL Sheets.
  • Studying of architectural plans of Live Project.
    • Drawing From Centerline and Detailing.
  • Manual Design and calculation Of RCC elements.
  • Comparing calculated result with ETABS result.
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